Hydrologic Information

This page contains links to hydrologic information, including measured stream flow, measured lake levels and forecasted lake levels and stream flow. The primary sources of data are the United States Geological Survey, the National Weather Service and the California Department of Water Resources.

Stage / Flow & Forecast

Stage: This is the water level in the creek in feet. It is based on an assumed elevation. The bottom of the creek is usually above elevation 0 feet. For instance, a stage of 10 feet indicates a water depth of 5 feet when the bottom of the creek is at 5 feet.

Flow: This is the estimated flow based on the stage at the location, in cubic feet per second (cfs). One cfs is the equivalent of 449 gallons per minute (gpm). A typical garden hose flows about 5 gpm.

Forecast: These are the forecasted stages and flows based on forecasted rainfall for the next 5 days. They also show observed conditions for the previous 5 days.