Communities of Interest

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is seeking your input on Lake County's Communities of Interest. Some of our Supervisorial Districts have seen significant changes in population since Census 2010, and those changes in population will make it necessary to adjust the boundaries of Lake County's Districts, in the interest of ensuring each resident is equally represented by their local government.

Communities of Interest are perhaps best understood by way of examples. "Little Saigon" in Sacramento was offered during Redistricting Hearing Number 2 as an illustration. That example was sourced in a City of Sacramento - Communities of Interest (PDF) resource.

Lake County Examples

The following examples of Lake County Communities of Interest were also offered by the Consultant (drawn from discussion with County staff):

  • Tribal lands
  • Buckingham
  • Lake County communities are known as "The Rivieras"
  • Certain apartment complexes with similar characteristics (like low income or senior housing) in the same District

Some possible Communities of Interest were raised by Supervisors and others during the Saturday, October 2 Hearing:

  • Unincorporated communities served by "Municipal Advisory Councils" - it was noted Cobb Area Council, a very active MAC, currently spans two County Supervisorial Districts
  • Clearlake City Limits (i.e., keeping as much of the City of Clearlake together, as possible)
  • Chapman Track (Planning Area 4, City of Clearlake - East of State Highway 53 and South of Hayes Avenue)
  • "The Avenues" in Clearlake
  • Areas North of Old 53 and North of Burns Valley Road (N section of Clearlake with more Ranchette housing, 1.25-acre parcels)
  • "The Park" (area of City of Clearlake North of Country Club and North of Arrowhead)
  • Clearlake's "Center of 'town'" area
  • Northern Clearlake - e.g., "Windflower Point," Northern section where Sulphur Fire occurred
  • In this discussion, Cache Creek was also a natural line to divide District 1 from District 2
  • Big Valley (between Kelseyville and Lakeport, currently portions are in both Districts 4 and 5); the District 4 and 5 Supervisors noted "Kelseyville needs adjustment," shifting more population to District 5

We sincerely hope these examples can help members of the public consider Communities of Interest near their own residences. The Board, County staff, and our Consultant continue to encourage members of the public to weigh in regarding what they view as qualifying Communities of Interest, particularly in areas where some redrawing of District boundaries is more probable.