Vehicle Maintenance


  • Prevent spills and leaks. Use drip pans and ground cloths under vehicles
  • Minimize the use of water to clean up; absorb leaks on the driveway with sand or cat litter, then sweep or vacuum and place in trash
  • Protect outdoor work and storage areas from the weather
  • Provide secondary containment for bulk fluids
  • Label containers of their contents
  • Clean parts in a self contained sink or drum
  • Use water based cleaning agents as opposed to solvents when possible

Vehicle Washing

  • Wash your car over a grassy or gravelly area; this will allow the ground to naturally filter the water and rinse water. By doing this you will help prevent soapy runoff from entering the storm drainage system which ultimately drains to creeks and into Clear Lake
  • Use soap sparingly; when done, pour the bucket of soapy water down the sink
  • Best of all, wash your vehicle at a commercial car wash facility. Most car washes re-use wash water several times before sending it to the sewer system for treatment

Dispose of Wastes Properly

  • Recycle:
    • Oil
    • Oil filters
    • Antifreeze
    • Batteries
    • Tires
  • Contact Lake County Public Services, Waste Management Division at 707-262-1760 for the proper disposal of auto parts, used cleaning fluids, oil, batteries and tires