CCW Forms / Documents

Concealed Carry Weapon Application (PDF)

This is to be completed in its entirety for all new applications.

Concealed Carry Weapon Waiver-Range-Qualification (PDF)

This form is to be completed and turned in at the range when qualifying (for both the new or renewal process).

Concealed Carry Weapon Modification (PDF)

This form is to be completed when there is any change to your permit (i.e., change of name or address, add or delete a weapon). Turn in forms to the CCW Program via mail or in person.

Renewal Update Information Form (PDF)

This form is to be completed when renewing permits. It must be turned in with the requested renewal class date and time and all associated costs.

Concealed Carry Weapon Renewal Material (PPTX)

This material is to be reviewed prior to your renewal course. The written test is based on this information and must be successfully passed along with qualification in order to renew.

Qualification Requirements & Range Safety Protocol (PDF)

This document provides important information on the qualification stages as well as range safety and potential violation. 

Firearms Prohibited Categories (PDF)

This document provides important information regarding the firearm prohibitions. This list may not be inclusive of all firearm prohibitions. For specific legal advice, please consult with an attorney.