Economic Development Strategy

Celebrated North Bay economist and Sonoma State University professor, Dr. Robert Eyler, presented a countywide plan to a historic joint meeting of the Lake County Board of Supervisors and Clearlake and Lakeport City Councils, with the Lake County Economic Development Corporation (LCEDC).

Lake County's strategy is informed by County residents' input at June's Economic Development-focused Community Visioning Forums, held throughout the County.

The final Economic Development Strategy Document (PDF) was conceived in collaboration with all three Lake County local governments, the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay (WANB) and LCEDC. It identifies specific, actionable priorities that can help us begin to confront and reverse the effects of long-term poverty in our communities.

Hundreds of County residents contributed to the development of this plan. Now, every Lake County resident will have a stake and a role to play in implementing the plan, and opportunities to work hard for the betterment of present and future generations.