Full Service Partnership (FSP)

The Full Service Partnerships (FSP) seek to engage children with serious emotional disturbance and adults with serious mental illness in intensive, team-based, and culturally appropriate services in the community with a low staff-to-consumer ratio.

The FSP program includes Housing Access, which provides resources and linkages to MHSA-Subsidized housing for FSP consumers in need of housing assistance.

Housing Access also provides one-time funding for consumers at risk of losing their housing or needing assistance securing housing.

FSP provides a “whatever it takes” approach to promote recovery and increased quality of life; decrease negative outcomes such as hospitalization, incarceration and homelessness; and increase positive outcomes such as increased life skills, access to benefits and income, involvement with meaningful activities such as education and employment, socialization and psychosocial supports.

Program Progress Reporting for Fiscal Year 2020 to 2021