Hill Road Jail Entrance

The Hill Road Correctional Facility, at 4913 Helbush Drive, Lakeport, CA, was opened in 1990 when the first phase of construction was completed. Construction continued until 1999, when the 68,193 square foot facility became fully operational. 

The facility is rated by the state to hold 297 inmates and the Sheriff’s Office is allocated 68 full-time employees, including 52 sworn positions to ensure the safety and security of the facility.

 The facility is almost completely self-contained by providing on-site medical care, food service, laundry, visitation and educational opportunities. 

The facility is the central reception center for all persons arrested within Lake County. 

It serves: 

  • Lake County Sheriff’s Office 
  • Clearlake Police Department
  • Lakeport Police Department
  • California Highway Patrol 
  • other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. 

Over 4,000 people, on average, are brought into and booked at the facility annually.

Hill Road Correctional Facility Command Staff

Paulich, Corey (Lt)
Findley, Jason (Lt)

Captain Corey Paulich

Lieutenant Corey Paulich grew up in Northern California and began his career with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in 1995. Over the years at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Corey’s assignments have included patrol deputy, field training officer, SWAT team member, and major crimes detective.  

Corey promoted to sergeant in 2009, and then lieutenant in 2015.  Corey has served as the investigations division commander since 2015.  As the investigations division commander, he oversees the major crimes unit, narcotics unit, property/evidence unit, as well as the coroner’s unit. In 2023, Corey promoted to Captain and oversees the Hill Road Correctional Facility.

Lt. Jason Findley

Lieutenant Findley began his career with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in 2002. He was born and raised in Southern California.  Jason has worked in a variety of assignments within the custody division, including correctional officer, facility training officer, and transportation officer. Jason promoted to sergeant in 2009 and lieutenant in 2011.  Jason has served as the custody division administrative lieutenant since 2011. As the custody division administrative lieutenant, he oversees the facility training program, classification unit, food services, and facilities services.

Holland, Chad (Sgt)

Lt. Chad Holland

Lieutenant Chad Holland grew up in North Dakota and Montana. Chad joined the US Army in 1989 and moved to Lake County in 1990, serving in the California Army National Guard for 23 years. Chad began his career with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in 2005 as a correctional officer. He has worked in many areas of the custody division, including corrections officer, firearms instructor, transportation officer, and a member of the Special Emergency Response Team. Chad was promoted to sergeant in 2015 and took over the transportation division in 2015, running it for 8 years. Chad was promoted to Lieutenant in August of 2023 and oversees operations at the Hill Road Correctional Facility.