Youth Coalition

Our youth are inundated with marketing campaigns designed to get their attention and attract them to smoking and tobacco use. Research has shown that this type of marketing is effective in predisposing our youth to trying tobacco and becoming lifelong tobacco users, which is exactly the goal of tobacco companies.

Adolescents frequently exposed to cigarette marketing in the retail environment are more likely to have ever tried smoking,1 and adolescent nonsmokers who are more aware of or receptive to tobacco advertising are more likely to later become smokers.2Youth Tobacco References InformationThe Tobacco Education Program recruits school-aged youth to participate in leadership and tobacco control trainings to enable them to effectively advocate for tobacco control issues in the county. Our Youth Coalition has been active and involved in many community events. Youth go out into the community and conduct surveys, participate at fairs and events, and present to their peers to promote healthy choices and tobacco free policies.

Tobacco Free Youth Flyer