The Kelseyville water system was originally constructed in the late 1960s. The water system obtains water from four wells, which are treated to drinking water standards by disinfection with sodium hypochlorite injection before entering the distribution system and storage tanks. Kelseyville Water system serves the downtown and surrounding residential areas of Kelseyville. Upgrades to the system (new well, storage tank, and 6,100 feet of distribution system piping) as well as an intertie (14,000 feet of pipe) with the Finley Water System (CSA Number 6) were completed in 2006. Since then, several smaller improvement projects have occurred to address distribution system " Bottleneck" and looping to improve water quality.

Customer Statistics & Infrastructure

The KCWWD Number 3 Water Treatment and Distribution System currently includes:

1,015 service connections (1,363 Single Family Dwelling (SFD) equivalents)

serving a population of 2,169 residents.

Over 29,000 feet of distribution pipeline.

One 1,000,000-gallon storage tank, and two 250,000-gallon storage tanks.


The Kelseyville water system was originally constructed nearly 40 years ago for a much smaller community. Over the years, the number of customers has grown, and the water and treatment capabilities have been upgraded to keep up with the demand. In 2006, a fourth well was drilled and placed into service, along with the addition of the 1,000,000-gallon storage tank and distribution system piping. The Kelseyville system was also intertwined with the Finley (CSA Number 6) system as part of the upgrades. Many portions of the original water system were constructed with less than ideal materials and design and during a time well before District staff had any role or oversight. The system will need ongoing replacement of the water lines.


The expansion of the supply and treatment capabilities within the Kelseyville water system was the primary focus within the system and those goals were successfully achieved. In 2014, the Bell Hill Road water loop was installed. in 2016, the design for the replacement of the water main at Live Oaks Drive from Douglas to Highway 29 will be completed. Future improvements within the distribution system (mainly piping and looping) are the goals in the near term for the existing customer base and reasonable future growth.