How do I know if my boat is considered a "Resident Vessel"?

Resident Water Vessel means:

  • Any vessel (see note) that has a DMV registration identifying it as being physically located in Lake County
  • A vessel whose owner can demonstrate that it is moored or stored at a commercial facility located in Lake County
  • Any other means deemed acceptable by the Director of Water Resources as to proof of residency in Lake County providing that the vessel is on the Lake County Assessor's current tax roll for boats

As part of the screening process, you will need to show your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) registration. See our Resident Vessels page for more information.

Note: A Water Vessel is any trailered watercraft, or jet ski, or float plane capable of being launched into a water body within the County of Lake. The term vessel does not apply to:

  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Car-top boats
  • Float tubes
  • Rafts
  • Wind surfers/boards
  • Boogey boards
  • Nonmotorized paddle boats
  • Nonmotorized sail boats that are eight feet or less in length

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